Patch 1.01


  • Fixed bug in ending 6 that caused the ending's name to not appear if the ending was reached in a certain way.

Note: Despite how small this fix is, getting the patched version will require re-downloading the entire game. I apologize for that. Since I didn't use butler to upload the game the first time, the 'patch' is actually a complete re-upload of the game. I have used butler this time, so future patches will not have this problem.

Of course, using butler has caused some difficulties of it's own. I made a small mistake and accidentally started the upload of the linux version several times. It isn't causing too much of a problem, as I am just deleting duplicate uploads as they finish. It is slowing down the upload of the PC and Mac versions, though. Apologies for the wait, and thank you for your patience!

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Update: All the new versions are done! For some reason the PC and Mac versions are showing up as '1' instead of '1.01', but they are the patched version of the file.